Help with Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding is fun and exciting, but is can also be difficult. If the destination is somewhere close, like the beach, the countryside, or just one State away, exploring venue options is easy. The couple or the planner can visit some venues, work out all the details, and arrange for all the needs of the day. It is also easy to find and book caterers, photographers, a band or DJ, a florist, hotels for guests, and an officiant.

Planning a destination wedding in another country can be overwhelming and frustrating. Finding the right venue, for example, presents some challenges. The process of locating suitable wedding venues possibilities takes time, and planners may not know where to start looking. Once a few options are found, comparison is hard because there is no first hand knowledge on which to base a decision. Concerns regarding the taste of the food, the total amount of space, and available amenities, among others adds stress to the event. A wedding venues website may be able to help, depending on the details provided for each venue. Some sites will only list venues that specialize in weddings. That will work well, if the couple want a typical venue, such as a ballroom or reception hall.

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Those sites are not helpful if the couple wants a unique venue, such as a yacht, gallery, rooftop, or museum. Some sites will provide all spaces that can be used as wedding venues in Singapore or other destinations. That means a list of wedding venues in Singapore will include all options that can accommodate a ceremony, a reception, or an engagement party. Bars and restaurants, theaters, conference halls, outdoor venues, recreational areas, and private estates are listed along with traditional reception halls and meeting rooms.

All venues have a profile page that includes detailed information regarding capacity, pictures, pricing, and amenities. Filters help planners find venues by preferences, headcounts, budgets, amenities, and area. It is easy to make side-by-side comparisons between venues, and there are links to contact each venue owner. The site provides the listings and links so the planner and owner can directly discuss specifics, review pricing, and arrange the booking. The site can also provide concierge services to planners. Indicate preferences and budgets, and recommendations will be provided free of charge. That gives planners a starting point from which to create a dream destination wedding. There is also an available database of local freelance professionals to provide additional services, such as photography, music, flowers, and ground transportation.